How it works

Connect your email

Kemvi securely integrates with Gmail or Outlook to send content via your email address.

Describe your buyer

Provide high-level guidance about your ideal customer profile.

Wait for responses

Kemvi generates targeted messaging for prospects and follows up with them until they're ready to engage.

Spend your time on closing, not on grunt work.

Kemvi identifies new prospects, sources contact information, writes and sends emails, identifies new market segments, and follows up with prospects until they're ready to talk, freeing you up to focus on converting qualified opportunities into deals.

Algorithms that understand the human touch.

Kemvi identifies hypertargeted prospects and generates personalized messaging for outreach. Let Kemvi run in autopilot or tweak your messaging and customer signals by hand.

Develop a deep understanding of your buyers.

Leverage Kemvi's massive knowledge graph about buyers and markets to understand the nuances of your customers' behavior. (Coming soon.)